Custom Build 34 ft Pirate Sports Fisher

The Pirate

It’s A Pirate’s Life At Sea

The Pirate Brand

The Pirate is a remarkable custom-built 34 ft sports fisher, proudly constructed locally in Cairns in 2003. This exceptional vessel is the result of a collaborative effort between two industry experts: experienced marlin captain Brad Craft and master boatbuilder Dick Ward. Their partnership began in 1999 with a shared vision to create the renowned PIRATE brand, quickly gaining recognition in the fishing community.

Under the PIRATE name, they successfully produced several outstanding sports fishing boats, including 31-footers and four 34-footers. Each vessel showcased its dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, making them all highly sought after by fishing enthusiasts worldwide.

Earned Exceptional Fishing Reputation:

The Pirate and its counterpart, the Saltaire, have established themselves as formidable game boats in the Cairns charter sports fishing industry. These 34-foot vessels have earned a strong reputation for their exceptional fish-raising capabilities, attracting avid anglers from far and wide.

In particular, the 34-footer is highly regarded for its remarkable performance in easily navigating rough seas. Moreover, its agile and precise maneuverability allows it to swiftly chase down billfish, ensuring unforgettable fishing experiences for enthusiasts on board.

Additionally, the attractive design of the 34-footer catches the eye of many avid light tackle anglers, further adding to its appeal and popularity within the fishing community.

The boat has twin Cummins B Series 280hp turbocharged six-cylinder diesel engines and Twin Disc gearboxes, providing excellent transmission control. With a comfortable cruising speed of 20 knots, the Pirate ensures you reach the fishing grounds swiftly, saving you time and enabling you to start fishing promptly.

Onboard Features

Five onboard features of the vessel include:

Firstly, high-quality GARMIN electronics are installed to ensure safe navigation. They provide accurate information about the vessel’s location, course, and other relevant data. Additionally, they help in finding fish, enhancing the fishing experience.

Secondly, comfortable amenities: The vessel has a toilet/shower facility, allowing passengers to freshen up during the journey. The bar fridge in the galley also provides convenient access to refreshments and beverages.

Thirdly, the boat features an open-style shaded saloon, which provides protection from the sun while allowing passengers to enjoy the surrounding views. The saloon has two spacious L-shaped lounge seats on both sides, offering comfortable seating arrangements for passengers. It’s an ideal spot for observing and enjoying the fishing action.

Fourthly, passenger capacity and crew: The vessel can accommodate up to 8 passengers and two crew members. The presence of a crew ensures that the passengers are taken care of and provided with necessary assistance throughout the charter.

Fifth feature: class 2C survey: The vessel is certified and meets the requirements for class 2C survey on day charters. This certification ensures the boat meets safety standards and regulations for carrying passengers on day trips.

Overall, the vessel combines navigational safety, fishing capabilities, comfort, and convenience to provide an enjoyable experience for passengers during their time on board.

The Pirate

The Pirate

The Pirate Topnotch Game Fishing

The Pirate Hamilton Island

The Pirate Specifications

  • Boat Name: The Pirate
  • Registration Number: 430688
  • Make: 34 Pirate 2003 Sports Fisher
  • LOA: 9.90m
  • Beam: 3.2m
  • Draft: 0.8m
  • Engines: 2 x Cummins B Series 280hp turbocharged 6 cylinders diesel
  • Transmission: Twin Disc
  • Electronics: GARMIN
  • Fuel Capacity: 1300 L
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 400 L
  • Berths: 4
  • Guest Accommodation: V berth with 2 x singles and 2 x single bunks starboard side.

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