5 day / 4 nights Liveaboard Package

Cairns Giant
Black Marlin Charters

October & November 2022

Heavy Tackle
Big Game Fishing

Cairns giant black marlin charters are the ultimate in Australian BIG game marlin fishing! On the Great Barrier Reef in a stretch of water between Lizard Island and Cairns famously known as the Ribbon Reefs. Every year giant black marlin comes here to breed from September through to December.
More GRANDERS 1000lb+black marlin are caught here more than anywhere else in the world, making these reefs a predominate BIG MARLIN FACTORY! This reef sets the scene for one of the worlds most incredible significant game fisheries.

Cairns Liveaboard Heavy Tackle Black Marlin Charters

In 2022, Brilliant Company will be back fishing the Cairns reefs again for the first time in many years. The Topnotch team are offering liveaboard charters package for five days & four nights. (if wanting to book more days please inquire via email for dates & prices) This amount of days is ideal for maximising your time fishing & opportunities of catching that fish of a lifetime.

The 5-day liveaboard duration allows Capt Rus to keep you on the fish & also gives the flexibility for the vessel to be fishing where the bite is on. Especially as they move up and down the many famous Ribbon Reefs, which stretch over 60 Nm. There will be no daily long runs to and from the fishing grounds (apart from the start & finish of the charter) as already being located at the GBR makes the most use of time. (means more time fishing!)

The Real Deal Reef Experience

Liveaboard Cairns giant black marlin charters give anglers a real reef experience! This allows you the best opportunity to see & explore one of the seven natural wonders of the world ~ Great Barrier Reef. From the time you wake up early morning onboard Brilliant Company behind the reef breakers to the end of the day of cease fishing, you are just minutes from the fishing grounds or to calm anchorage. Generally, we consider the giant black marlin charters to be gentlemen’s hours. You are able to fill your morning with other activities like a refreshing swim or light tackle reef fishing. It’s an ideal time of the day to stock up on fresh baits before heading outside the reef about 10-11 am to chase some big girls.

The End Of The Day

The close proximity of fishing to anchorage will keep you fishing through to what we like to call…… ‘bite o’clock ‘. It’s a particular time when the sun starts to wane in the sky at the end of the day. The Cairns marlin fishery is very well known for the late bite! Then it’s a short 10-15 minute run to the anchorage behind the reef once again, where you will enjoy great food and cold drinks (fresh-caught local seafood & tasty Aussie beef!) Relaxing & unwinding with your companions, enjoying a few cold bevies on the Brilliant Company mezzanine marlin bar whilst watching the day’s marlin footage with the crew. We also will have Gopro’s on board to capture all the marlin action on film for you to take home for bragging rights! We all then go to bed & get ready to do it all again tomorrow!

cairns giant black marlin charters
cairs giant black marlin charters
cairns giant black marlin charters

Heavy Tackle Charter Package Information:

  • Vessel – Brilliant Company 65 Precision
  • Duration – 5 days / 4 nights – (If wanting to book more days email for more details)
  • Heavy tackle fishing for giant black marlin at the Ribbon Reefs
  • Up to 4 pax
  • Departing & returning from mainly Cooktown – Cooks Landing Kiosk
  • Includes catering, GoPro footage, light refreshments, bait & tackle
  • BYO alcohol
  • Price – $22,500.00

5-Day Liveaboard Availability:

  • 14th – 18th October – Departing Cairns Marlin Marina & returning to Cooktown – Cooks Landing Kiosk.
  • 11th – 15th November – Departing Cooktown – Cooks Landing & returning to Cairns Marlin Marina.

The Tackle:

  • The heavy tackle – Shimano 130 Tiagra reels & custom chair rods. Fighting the fish from the custom “Peter Bristow” game chair. Using large baits (skipping/swimming) or lures.
  • Light tackle – Shimano rods & reels using deep divers for catching fresh bait. (mackerel/tuna etc)
  • Paravanes for catching scad.

Brilliant Company has been specially designed for heavy tackle fishing. To find out more about her many custom features/accommodation & specifications please head to this link ~ Brilliant Company Specifications.

5 day / 4 nights Liveaboard Package

Cooktown - Cooks Landing Kiosk