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Shared Or Private Fishing Charter

Which Fishing Charter Is Best To Book?

 The how-to guide to choosing shared or private fishing charters that suits you best? Considering many of the following factors & information below. You can steer yourself in the right direction of choosing the perfect topnotch fishing charter option for your Hamilton Island holiday.


shared or private charters


Ask Yourself These Questions Before Booking A Fishing Charter

  • Budget – how much are you able to spend?
  • Do you mind sharing your fishing experience with strangers?
  • Do you want to book for a group of people? (wedding, conference, special occasion or birthday?)
  • How much time would you like to spend fishing on the water? Four hours? Eight hours? Would you like a liveaboard fishing charter?
  • What style of fishing do you have in mind – bottom reef fishing or trolling for pelagic fish? Maybe both?
  • What sort of type of fish species would you like to catch?

Shared Fishing Charters – Mixed Group Bookings

Shared charters are ideal for beginners & more experienced anglers as well. They are great if you would like to catch a feed on the cheap & meet some new fishing friends on the island. If you are only booking in for a few people, this is the most cost-effective way to get out on the water to fish. These charters are very popular & are mainly all bottom fishing for reef fish. We use bait for tasty tablefish like nannygai, coral trout, grassy emperor & a variety of snapper/sweetlip/cod. Remember, though, that you will be fishing other people & there is no option to return home early if you, unfortunately, get seasick. 

With all shared charters, you pay a per-person rate (tickets) & the operator puts together a group that is big enough to be viable to operate. All half-day shared charters are required to meet a minimum number of tickets to be sold according to the vessel used & there is no guarantee that this will always happen. The downside of shared charters is relying on others to book tickets. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid waiting for others to book is to book a private charter. (whole boat booking) Also, the crew has to move around, helping everyone equally on the boat, so the service isn’t as personalized or customizable as a private charter. 


Hamilton Island Nannygai Fishing

Shared Fishing Charter – Large Mouth Nannygai

Private Fishing Charters – Exclusive Whole Boat Bookings

All private charters are ideal for choosing a more exclusive booking with co-workers, friends, & family. (no strangers like shared charters) Private charters are much more covid friendly & tailored to suit the client’s fishing needs. (unlike shared charters) These charters allow guests to target a specific type of fish, which cannot be done on shared charters. If you would like to do game fishing & troll for a fish of a lifetime (black marlin, sailfish, Spanish mackerel, yellowfin tuna & longtail tuna), private charters are the only way to go! These charters can be a mixture of fishing styles of choice to target specific fish species.

If someone gets seasick, we can alter the fishing programme & fish in the lee of the islands for the guest’s best comfort. (not an option on shared charters either) Private charters are also perfect for anyone with a disability who loves to fish. With prior notice, we are only too happy to have an extra crewman onboard to attend to your every need and make your fishing charter a topnotch experience. All half-day private charters fish in & around the Whitsunday Islands. With weather permitting, full-day fishing charters venture further out East to more remote fishing grounds away from the Whitsunday Islands. 


Topnotch Game Fishing

Private Fishing Charter

We Take Bookings Right Up To The End

Topnotch Game Fishing & the Hamilton Island Tour Desk make every effort for all shared charters to go ahead by taking last-minute bookings (walk-ins) up to nearly departure time to enable the boat to fill. 

Topnotch Game Fishing

Living On Island Time & Fishing In Paradise

If you’re looking for a professional fishing charter experience from Hamilton Island, look no further than Topnotch Game Fishing. We have various charter options, like shared half-days, private half-days, private full-days & liveaboard fishing charters at the Great Barrier Reef. We pride ourselves on our topnotch expertise and passion. I look forward to your inquiry! Contact Marlene today at 1300 347 444 or email tgfcharterinquiries@gmail.com




Marlene Hicks The owner-operator of Topnotch Game Fishing Hamilton Island, Whitsundays, Australia. The Great Barrier Reef.