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Spanish Mackerel Fishing Hamilton Island

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Whitsundays Spanish Mackerel Fishing

Spanish Mackerel fishing Hamilton Island is probably one of the most common sort after sport fish to catch from the Coral sea. Catching Spanish Mackerel is always action-packed, often being double or triple hookups. With its streamlined body built for speed and razor-sharp teeth, this fish-killing machine is the ultimate predator. Aside from being the perfect sports fish, it’s also the most sought-after table fish. Most anglers don’t get tired of catching it, too, since it can be seen in many ways. The Spanish Mackerel are commonly called here in Australia Spano’s, but outside of Australia, they are also known as the Blue Mackerel, Narrow-barred Mackerel, or The King Mackerel.

Where To Catch A Spanish Mackerel

They prefer warm waters, so it’s common in Queensland, northern New South Wales, the Northern Territory and mid-to Northern Western Australia. With that, the mackerel will also travel south when the warmer currents go south. Mackerel quite often swim in large schools to attack baitfish and small tuna, making double and triple hookups quite common. Their average size is around 12-15 kg, but they can weigh as much as 60 kg! In the Whitsundays region, most of our water depths are between 50 to 60 m.

When you’re planning to catch a Mackie, don’t forget to be prepared for the landing of the fish. They tend to go a bit crazy once caught/gaffed, so have a designated area in the boat exclusiveย for this angry fish. Don’t hesitate to pacify the fish either with a swift swing of a donger (or small base bat – DING! Hit that home run!)


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Techniques To Catch Mackerel

Spanish mackerel can be targeted using a variety of techniques. To find the fish initially quite often requires some trolling and keeping a close eye on the sounder. Looking for bait balls mid-depth is a perfect starting point, especially when shadowed by some lovely arches. In this situation, try trolling deep diving with hard body lures.

If the mackerel are actively feeding on the surface and smashing a bait ball, it’s probably a good time to pull out some surface lures. Quite often, the mackerel will be feeding on small baitfish, so it’s essential to keep the profile small to best match the natural feed. (match the hatch)

Jigging for Spanish mackerel is a lot of fun too! and super-effective. Metal jigs in the 40 to 60g range are ideal to do the job. Drop the jig to the bottom, then begin a quick crank and pause to retrieve. You will often have mackerel chasing the jig up and then inhaling the jig in full vision near the surface.

Mackerel Season

Spanish mackerel is considered an all-year-round fish here in the Whitsundays. Especially out wide on outer reefs of The Great Barrier Reef system. Topnotch Game Fishing highly recommends booking a liveaboard fishing charter to experience catching big macks at the reef fully. Mackerel are often described as being members of the razor gang family. They have razor-sharp teeth like a samurai sword, so keep well away from a thrashing fish. It’s very wise to subdue a mackerel with a donger before unhooking them. Mackerel are plentiful sportfish and fun to target with the bonus of being delicious on the plate!

Want To Give It A Try?

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