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cobia fishing in whitsundays

Cobia Fishing In Whitsundays

Cobia Fishing From Hamilton Island

One of the most delicious sports fish in the Whitsundays is the Cobia, or black kingfish. (Rachycentron canadum) Cobia fishing in Whitsundays departing from Hamilton Island puts you on the front line to catch these sought-after trophy fish. They are a great fish to eat, becoming more popular as more people realise their great taste and texture. Not only has cobia been deemed a healthy choice, but it is also considered a sustainable food source. What does cobia fish taste like? Well, Cobia fish has a mild, sweet taste to it and also has very little fat found in the meat. This saltwater fish can be served in various ways, and it is a great-tasting fish that many people regularly enjoy!

How To Identify A Cobia

To best way to recognise a Cobia is by the very short spines of the first dorsal fin. Also, they have a distinctive pale and dark horizontal banding along the side of the fish. At first glance, they do appear shark-like and have a broad, flattened head and slightly overlapping lower jaw. Young cobia have a rounded tail, whereas adult cobia have a forked tail.



Where To Catch Cobia In The Whitsundays

This fish species can be found in Australia’s tropical waters, ranging from the surface to the bottom in the Whitsundays. They congregate mainly around in-shore reefs between the many Whitsunday Islands, ocean rocks, and near navigation beacons and are primarily found at wrecks. Consistently the water depths in the Whitsundays are between 50 to 60 m.

Fun Fish Facts About Cobia
  • Juveniles grew to more than 60cm in their first year, and fish a metre long was only around three years old.
  • Females matured in their second year when around 80 to 90cm, while male fish often matured in their first year.
  • During an Australian study, the largest Cobia caught was 1.6m long, 55kg and only about 13 years old.
  • In Australia, spawning can occur between September and June and peak in late spring and early summer.
  • Female cobia produce extravagant numbers of eggs. The average “batch fecundity” of cobia in Australia is around 2.8 million eggs per spawning cycle, and the spawning frequency was estimated to be about seven to eight days. That’s 10 million eggs a month!
  • Studies have found that Cobia can grow very fast, and generally, they are not fussy feeders either. Dietary studies indicate they feed primarily near the bottom and that cobia prefer to eat crustaceans, like crabs, when available.
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cobia fishing in whitsundays

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